assekonk swamp wma

Posted on December 6th, 2020

Mallory Swamp Wildlife Management Area (WMA) includes more than 31,318 acres in southeastern Lafayette County, southwest of Branford. Assekonk Swamp WMA | Babcock Pond WMA | Bartlett Brook WMA | Bear Hill WMA | Beaver Brook State Park | Bennett's Pond State Park | Bigelow Hollow State Park | Bishops Swamp WMA | Bloomfield Flood Control Site 1 | Bloomfield Flood Control Site 2 | Camp Columbia State Forest | Camp Columbia State Forest | Cedar Swamp WMA | Charles E. Wheeler WMA | The primary purposes of Keeney Swamp Wildlife Management Area (WMA) are for wildlife management, wildlife habitat management, and wildlife-dependent recreation. Recreation: Hunting; canoeing; and nature study. Assekonk Swamp State Wildlife Management Area, CT Assekonk Swamp State Wildlife Management Area is a Park in New London County, Connecticut.It … The nearest weather station for both precipitation and temperature measurements is GRO which is approximately 9 miles away and has an elevation of 40 feet (98 feet lower than Assekonk Swamp State Wildlife Management Area). Below are weather averages from 1971 to 2000 according to data gathered from the nearest official weather station. Pearl River WMA is located about 6 miles east of Slidell and about 1 mile east of the town of Pearl River. Assekonk Swamp State Wildlife Management Area, CT Latitude: 41.4306546 Longitude: -71.890905 County: New London Area: Old Mystic Elevation: 43 meters - 141 feet Of this 1.03 square miles(94.45 percent) is public lands. Assekonk Swamp WMA covers an area that is 1.09 square miles. Other Features of Note: Assekonk dam and reservoir pond; town recreation area; and Assekonk Borderlands trail through and around historic parade grounds. Assekonk Defining Feature: Biodiversity: Assekonk Wildlife Management Area; white cedar groves; and Assekonk Pond, Swamp, and Brook. There are several boat ramps along U.S. Hwy 90 and concrete ramps at Davis and Crawford Landings, all of which have ample parking. Assekonk Swamp Wildlife Area: STATE Babcock Pond Wildlife Area: STATE Barber Pond Wildlife Area: STATE Barn Island Wildlife Area: STATE Bartlett Brook Wildlife Area: STATE Bear Hill Wildlife Area: STATE Beaver Brook State Park Scenic Reserve: STATE Bennett's Pond State Park: STATE Bigelow Hollow State Park: STATE Assekonk Swamp State Wildlife Management Area Park, 1300 feet east Jeremy Hill Summit, 3100 feet southwest North Stonington Town Recreation Area Park, 1 mile northeast 272: Assekonk Swamp WMA: 244: Babcock Pond WMA – Waterfowl Hunting Blind: 273: Barn Island WMA: 274: Bartlett Brook WMA: 275: Bear Hill WMA: 276: Beaver Brook State Park The cypress swamps, titi swamp, peat bogs and uplands are recovering from a severe wildfire that swept through the area in 2001. You can access the WMA by vehicle from Old Hwy 11 and by boat. Early wildlife management area acquisitions funded through the P-R Program include Barn Island (Stonington, 1945) Assekonk Swamp (North Stonington, 1945), and Charter Marsh (Tolland, 1948). Area 274 Bartlett Brook WMA 287 Nehantic State Forest 275 Bear Hill WMA 288 Nipmuck State Forest 276 Beaver Brook State Park 17 Norwich Fish and Game Assoc. 272 Assekonk Swamp WMA 260 Mono Pond 244 Babcock Pond WMA - Waterfowl Hunting Blind 286 Natchaug State Forest 273 Barn Island WMA 261 Nathan Hale State Forest Mgmt. This is a 708-acre parcel located approximately 13 miles northeast of the village of Angelica and six miles southwest of the Village of Canaseraga. All together, Connecticut’s 105 WMAs total over 32,000 acres, and … The following website contains hunting regulations/seasons and details on purchasing / acquiring hunting /fishing licenses / permits. (South) Historical Weather. Connecticut Hunting Regulations.

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