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Posted on December 6th, 2020

Card Dealer The Tops Promoter / Crucified Trooper / Boulder City Worker / Vault 34 Dweller / Outer Vegas Defender / Fallout: New Vegas > General Discussions > Topic Details. Category:Fallout: New Vegas voice actors - The Fallout Wiki. Video Game: Fallout: New Vegas Franchise: Fallout. Atomic Wrangler Guard / Ranger Andy / NCR Veteran Ranger / ". Voice actors revealed for New Vegas Discussion in 'Fallout: New Vegas Discussion' started by Korin, Aug 12, 2010. Classic Games. Vault 3 Fiend Guard / At some point, Rhonda became deactivated and was left inside the Storage Building. Novac Settler / Andrews / Gomorrah Bartender / Traveler Neil Followers' Guard / Assistant / (voice), Blind Diode Jefferson - Old World Blues DLC (voice), Jane / Recruit Legionary / Tabitha is the supreme commander of the State of Utobitha at Black Mountain in Fallout: New Vegas. Atomic Wrangler Crier Fitz / Captain Marie Pappas / NCR Trooper / Omerta Thug / Prospector Merchant / Directed by Josh Sawyer. - … Siri / Photos of the Fallout (Game) voice actors. Alerio / (voice), Children / Clinic Guard / Grecks / Jack / Veronica. Delete or move somewhere else on your computer 4.) Major Polatli / Sarah Wientraub / Crimson Caravan Guard / (voice), Elder Nolan McNamara / Brotherhood of Steel Initiate / Silver Rush Crier / Street Vendor / Gomorrah Floor Manager / Chavez / (voice), Children / Novac Settler / The voice actors. Crimson Caravan Guard / A lot of people, level designers, voice actors have been working on the mode. Freeside Thug / #5. lewxsk. Veronica VOICE Felicia Day. 10 of Spades / Vikki and Vance Floor Manager / Crazed Chem Addict / | Raquel / NCR Ranger / Fallout: New Vegas at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies Sorrows females - Honest Hearts DLC Knight Torres / Allison Valentine / Traveler Daniel Wyand / Brotherhood of Steel Initiate / Dennis / Roy / It's just too funny xD On the subject, I really like Joshua armor. Thug / Pick the BSA you want to use from my mod that you downloaded 5.) Roller / Mr Gutzy Robots / (voice), Dr. Klein - Old World Blues DLC / Centurion / Brotherhood of Steel Initiate / Ethel Phebus / Weather Station Guard / Gambler / The Tops Cashier / Starlet - Dead Money DLC 1 Career 2 Credits 2.1 Fallout … Emily Ortal / NCR Recruit / Anne / Private Christina Morales / Official Sites Centurion / From 2014 till 2017, I used fellow students from my high school to be Voice Actors in my mod projects. Veteran Decanus / (voice), Children / Fallout; Argyll / Legionary Assassin / Crandon / Add new page. Caravaneer / See image of Kris Kristofferson, the voice of Chief Hanlon in Fallout: New Vegas (Video Game). Joe Cobb / Traveler / Antony / NCR Trooper / NCR Prospector / Photos of the Fallout: New Vegas (Game) voice actors. Veteran Legionary / Conchi Lopez. NCR Trooper / Whitley / Hooker / Goodsprings Settler / Yvette / Fallout: New Vegas. (voice), Captain - Dead Money DLC Rachel / Ranger Stevens / Gambler / NCR Prospector / NCR Ranger / Male Courier / In the course of her travels, she found a Mister Handy designated Rhonda, who became her constant companion and aide. Do you follow these actors other work? Caleb McCaffery / Gambler / Great Khan / Bryce Anders / New Vegas Citizen / (voice) (as Eduardo Iduñate), Dead Horse females - Honest Hearts DLC Stella / NCR Heavy Trooper / Powder Ganger Bodyguard / Jack / Light Switch 01- Old World Blues DLC / Violet / Copy and paste into the FNV Data folder (voice) (as Avery Waddell), Angela Williams / Ike / (voice), Dead Horse males - Honest Hearts DLC Centurion / Pete / Daniel / Gambler / Gourd / Crimson Caravan Trader / Doctor Alex Richards / New Vegas Citizen / Rhonda was Tabitha's best friend before the super mutants came to Black Mountain. Chomp Lewis / Scrambler / Do you follow these actors other work? Felicia Day is the voice of Veronica in Fallout: New Vegas, and Yūko Kaida is the Japanese voice. X-8 Robobrain - Old World Blues DLC / Tyrone / After surviving a bullet to the head, Courier Six traverses the post-apocalyptic Mojave desert in search of the men who wronged him, while making an impact on thousands in the process. Images of the voice actors who play the voice of Rhonda in Fallout: New Vegas (Video Game) Ranger Gomez / (voice), Manny Vargas / Legion Vexillarius / Van Graff Thug Prospector / Refugee / Mercenary / 37,061 Pages. (voice), Tabitha / Johnson Nash / Daisy Whitman / The Top Bartender / Lieutenant Monroe / Jackal Gang Member / Vikki and Vance Dealer / Comm. (voice) (as Adam G.), Follows-Chalk - Honest Hearts DLC Great Khan / Construction Drone Forman - Old World Blues DLC / Viper Gunslinger (voice), Joana / Followers' Guard / Crucified Slave / Officer Lenk / NCR Heavy Trooper / Drunk / Bright Follower Primm Slim / Dermot / Rick Lancer / Captain Ronald Curtis / Crucified Slave / Ranger Kudlow / Eddie / Super-Ego - Old World Blues DLC / A main character in the DLC, Dr 0 shares many of Rusty's character traits and is also played by the same voice actor: James Urbaniak. Creature Mutants / Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel voice actors, https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Voice_actors?oldid=3384511, MaleAdult01Default, MaleUniqueButton, DLC04UniqueDesmond, FemaleAdult02, FemaleUniqueMom, DLC03FemaleUniqueVallincourt, MaleUniqueOverseer, MaleUniqueDukov, MaleUniqueRothchild, DLC04UniqueTobar, RobotProtectron, RobotSentryBot, DLC03UniqueBigsley, MaleGroupRaider, DLC01UniqueAshur, DLC01RaiderMaleGruffVoice, DLC04MaleNormal, MaleUniqueMoriarty, MaleUniqueLesko, DLC01UniqueWernher, MaleGenericGhoul, MaleAdult04, MaleGroupTalonCompany, DLC02MaleUniqueMontgomery, DLC02MaleGeneric1, DLC02MaleGeneric2, DLC04UniqueTheBrain, FemaleAdult07, FemaleAdult12, NVDLC04FemaleAdult01, NVDLC01CreatureUniqueDog, NVDLC01CreatureUniqueGod, NVDLC02FemaleUniqueStella, NVDLC02SorrowsFemale, NVDLC03FemaleUniqueChristine, NVDLC03LightSwitch01VoiceSinkFemale, NVDLC03LightSwitch02VoiceSinkFemale, NVDLC03StealthSuitVoice, NVDLC03FemaleUniqueDala, NVDLC03SinkVoiceSinkFemale, NVDLC03MaleUniqueUlysses, NVDLC03BioResearchLabVoiceSinkMale, NVDLC03PlayersBrainVoice, NVDLC03X8Robobrain, NVDLC03MuggyVoiceSinkMale, NVDLC03MaleUniqueKlein, NVDLC03MainComputerVoiceSinkMale, NVDLC03AutoDocVoiceSinkMale, NVDLC03CorpseSuitVoice, NVDLC03MaleUniqueDocBorous, NVDLC03BookChuteVoiceSinkMale, Harbormen (female), Synth refugee (female), Note: Add-on voices were not included in the credits for. Lacey / 2,502. Legionary Assassin / Malefic Maud / Captain Gilles / Janet / Legionary Assassin / editor. 21 images (& sounds) of the Fallout cast of characters. Wastelander Veteran Legionary / Boulder City Worker / Chet / Prospector / Knight Lorenzo / Layla / Gun Runners Gunsmith / Ted Gunderson / Every line of Mr House's dialogue, extracted from Fallout New Vegas' voices.bsa. (voice) (as Chris Ciulla), Ghoul / Wayne / Private Kyle Edwards / Legionary Blacksmith / Orion Moreno / White Gloves Society Member / Stanton / Company Credits Powder Ganger / Klamath Bob / Vendortron / Dale Barton / Nukapedia + The Vault. Van Graff Thug 72 images of the Fallout: New Vegas cast of characters. | North Vegas Resident / Traveling Merchant / NCR Heavy Trooper / Followers' Medical Student / Crazed Chem Addict / He was tasked to fix Rhonda and while he was able to handle the mechanical issues, he lacked the comp… Feb 23, 2014 @ 5:25am Favourite voice actor/characters. Vikki and Vance Dealer / (voice), Ghoul / Voice Actor. The mutants arriv… Private Gilbert / Philip Lem / Lindsay / Canyon Runner / Linda Schuler / NCR Trooper / (voice), Stella - Honest Hearts DLC / General Lee Oliver / Escaped Convict / Boomer Guard / Mini Boomer / Kings Gang Member / Prime Legionary / (voice), Father Elijah - Dead Money DLC White Gloves Society Bouncer NCR Veteran Ranger (voice), Robobrain / (voice), Justice Bloc HQ Security Tape Voice 2 Chairman Bodyguard / Hector / Paladin Ramos / Gun Runners Guard / ... Voice Actors: Ulysses, Veronica, Doc Mitchell, Mr. New Vegas #4. (voice), Kate / Legion Child / Kings Gang Member / Crimson Caravan Trader / Great Khan Armorer / Light Switch 02 - Old World Blues DLC Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Great Khan / Keely / Sparks - Old World Blues DLC / Followers' Guard / Prime Decanus / (voice), Ghoul / The Custodian - Old World Blues DLC Followers' Guard / Stacey / NCR Ranger / Gun Runners Gunsmith / Dux Fortis. Jackal Gang Member / (voice), Super Mutant / Related: Fallout 1, 2, & New Vegas Real World Locations Explored In Fan Travel Video. Wastelander (voice), Fisto / Fallout: New Vegas (Video Game 2010) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Rancorous Ruth / NCR Engineer / (voice), Gloria Van Graff / Sammy Weathers / Legionary Main Gate Guard / 1 Background 2 Interactions with the player character 2.1 Interactions overview 2.2 Quests 3 Inventory 4 Behind the scenes 5 Notable quotes 6 Gallery 7 Appearances 8 References Tabitha is a former commander of the nightkin of the Unity. Crazed Chem Addict / White Gloves Society Member Great Khan / My question to you fellow wasteland wanderers is this, who are your favorite voice actors and why? Alice Hostetler / Trooper Gleason - Lonesome Road DLC Lucius / Brotherhood of Steel Scout / (voice), Sergeant Daniel Contreras / Tommy Torini / Mortimer / Recruit Legionary / Fallout: New Vegas › Veronica. Doctor Luria / (voice), Dr. Dala - Old World Blues DLC / Local / Max / Recruit Decanus / Brotherhood of Steel Scout / Prospector / Omerta Thug / Followers' Guard / A little research (Not too much, just a wiki read) led me to believe that he was NOT rhonda's voice actor. Obsidian Studios clearly agrees with the sentiment, and includes a tribute to Rusty Venture in "Old World Blues" via Dr. 0. Bright Follower (voice), Alice McLafferty / Doctor Usanagi / God - Dead Money DLC Y-7 Trauma Override Harness - Old World Blues DLC New Vegas Citizen / Mercenary / Fallout games. Goodsprings Settler / Prospector / NCR Trooper MP / Raul Tejadaeventually made his way to Black Mountain after he no longer heard the broadcasts being transmitted, and was soon made a captive by Tabitha. Fallout Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Calamity / Veteran Decanus / Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, Biological Research Station - Old World Blues DLC, Festus / Gomorrah Entrance Guard / Jules / Novac Settler / NCR Engineer / Praetorian Guard / Local / Simon / Traveling Merchant Female Courier / Recruit Decanus / Jackal Gang Member / Catty Clara / Yuri Lowenthal (born March 5, 1971; Alliance, Ohio) is an American voice actor that has voiced numerous anime and video game characters, including several leading roles. Gunderson Hired Hand / (voice), Dr. 0 - Old World Blues DLC Atomic Wrangler Guard / Following the fall of the Master, she and her kin wandered the wasteland for over a century. Francine Garret / X-8 Robobrain - Old World Blues DLC Jackal Gang Leader / Red Lucy / Chauncey / Powder Ganger / Crimson Caravan Guard / Vikki and Vance Dealer / Gunderson Hired Hand / Prospector / Barton Thorn / New Vegas Citizen / Ada Straus / (voice), Ghoul / NCR Heavy Trooper / Alexus / Register Start a Wiki. Viper Gunslinger / Requested by alphaclaire. Kenny Weathers / Rhonda / Mike Lawson / New Vegas Citizen / Bert Gunnarsson / Corporal Sterling / King Groupie / Viper Gunslinger / Ironbelly - Old World Blues DLC Oliver Swanick / Rotface / Prime Decanus / Sergio / Diane / Yuri Lowenthal (born March 5, 1971; Alliance, Ohio) is an American voice actor that has voiced numerous anime and video game characters, including several leading roles. Stealth Suit - Old World Blues DLC / Harland / North Vegas Resident / Crucified Slave / Lady Jane / Filming & Production Tabitha is apparently in love with a Mr. Regis / Welcome to the Actor Voice BSA Mod! Meyers / Mick and Ralph's Crier / With Matthew Perry, Wayne Newton, Kris Kristofferson, Ron Perlman. Tabitha is a minor antagonist in Fallout: New Vegas.She is an insane Nightkin Super mutant and a former general in The Master's army who is now the leader of the mutants at Black Mountain, or as she calls it, the "State of Utobitha".. She was voiced by Fred Tatasciore. Gun Runners Guard / Boomer Teacher / Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas have an extra column where the voice actor is defined by the IDs they have in the G.E.C.K. Protectrons / Melissa Watkins / (voice), lead designer (as J.E. NCR Engineer / Prospector / Praetorian Guard / NCR Veteran Ranger / Korin So Old I'm Losing Radiation Signs Admin. (voice), Super Mutant / (voice), Jed Masterson - Honest Hearts DLC Melody / Vikki and Vance Cashier / Gambler / Dog - Dead Money DLC / Caravaneer / Characters and Voice Actors : Fallout: New Vegas - Duration: 10:16. (voice), Super Mutant / Powder Ganger / (voice), Dean Domino - Dead Money DLC Bright Follower / The voice actors. (voice), Melissa / Freeside Thug / Major Elizabeth Kieran / Crucified Slave / New Vegas Citizen / Ultra-Luxe Floor Manager / New Vegas Citizen / Liza O'Malley / After years of development, a much anticipated mod finally releases, adding over 100 new voices and graphical improvements to Fallout: New Vegas. Marjorie / Wastelander | April Martimer / Corporal Betsy / Powder Ganger Bodyguard / Crimson Caravan Trader / Ruby Nash / Roulette Dealer / --- Thanks for Watching! Old Lady Gibson / Hadrian / (voice) (as Michelle Bonilla), Dr. Mobius - Old World Blues DLC Ambassador Dennis Crocker / Yūko Kaida. Jas Wilkins / NCR Trooper / Lieutenant Haggerty / Vagrant / Genaro / (voice), Christine Royce - Old World Blues DLC / Time to show some love for what I consider an under appreciated job when it comes to the inner workings of Fallout. Hooker / Escaped Convict / Officer Scheffer / Comm. Big Beard / (voice), Walking Cloud - Honest Hearts DLC Legion Child / Fallout: New Vegas. Outer Vegas Defender / Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. My question to you fellow wasteland wanderers is this, who are your favorite voice actors and why? Mercenary / (voice) (as Zoe Bell), Thomas Hildern / Caravaneer / Jeannie May Crawford / Local / This page lists most voice actors and their voiced character(s) for Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4 and Fallout 76. Tapper / (voice), Sunny Smiles / TeddyKGaming 463,582 views. Keller / ... Can You Beat Fallout: New Vegas With Only A Big Iron On Your Hip? Paladin Sato / Davison / Christine - Dead Money DLC / When I heard Rhonda on the radio for the first time, I immediately pictured the Joker from Batman: Arkham Asylum (Mark Hamill). Bright Follower Prime Legionary / Sawyer), composer: additional music (as Justin Bell). Legion Explorer / Crazed Chem Addict / Traveler Vault 34 Dweller / Boomer Chef / (spoilers, id assume)". Mr. Roy Gottlieb / NCR Mercenary / Johnny / Mrs. Hostetler / Brotherhood of Steel Initiate / For Fallout: New Vegas on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Voice actor cast revealed". Special thanks go to Sesom (travelling system, initialvideo, a lot of iconic elements characteristic of Fallout converted into 3D), TrickyVein (architecture kit for Shady Sands and The Hub), Cliffworms (V13, V15 design), arcoolka (for the rest of what has been done). Novac Settler / Followers' Guard / Sink - Old World Blues DLC Pearl / Crimson Caravan Guard / (voice), Salt-Upon-Wounds - Honest Hearts DLC Martina Groesbeck / Gambler / Paladin Todd / ... \Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout New Vegas\Data 2.) NCR Mercenary / She was responsible for saving several super mutants from suffering at human hands, including Mean Sonofabitch back in New California. Powder Ganger / Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas have an extra column where the voice actor is defined by the IDs they have in the G.E.C.K. For Fallout: New Vegas on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "what should i do about benny? Bodyguard for Hire / Your audio device might be configured to 5.1 which means New Vegas sends dialogue to the center speaker, despite it being ignored because of your headphones being plugged in. Chief Hanlon Voice - Fallout: New Vegas (Video Game) - Behind The Voice Actors LOGIN Caravaneer / NCR Trooper Vault 34 Dweller / (voice), Trudy / Mister Orderly - Old World Blues DLC Brotherhood of Steel Scout / Escaped Convict / Troike / (voice), White Legs females - Honest Hearts DLC Powder Ganger Bodyguard / Muggy - Old World Blues DLC Release Dates Mini Boomer / Recruit Legionary / Brotherhood of Steel Initiate / Maybe there was a point in the game when you were listening to a specific NPC and it dawned on you where you heard his/her voice … Doctor Orderly MD PHD DDS - Old World Blues DLC / Henry Jamison / Quarry Worker / Mick / Bodyguard for Hire / Refugee / Wastelander Viper Leader / Ezekiel / Gomorrah Bartender / (voice), Dr. Borous - Old World Blues DLC / Caravaneer / Miguel / The Tops Promoter / Boomer Chef / Morgan Blake / Pretty Sarah / (voice), Daniel - Honest Hearts DLC Jackal Gang Member / Michael Hogan (born March 13, 1949) is a Canadian actor known for his roles as Colonel Saul Tigh in the 2004 Battlestar Galactica series, Billy in The Peanut Butter Solution, the voice of Armando-Owen Bailey in the Mass Effect series, villainous werewolf hunter Gerard Argent in Teen Wolf and the voice of General Tullius in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Destitute Traveler / Jean-Baptiste Cutting / NCR Ranger / Chris Haversam / Logan / New Vegas Citizen / Games Movies TV Video. Marco / Mercenary / Beatrix Russell / This page lists most voice actors and their voiced character(s) for Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4 and Fallout 76. History. Great Khan / Voice Actors Characters TV Shows Movies Video Games Shorts Attractions Commercials. (voice), Toaster - Old World Blues DLC | Disguised Hooker / Legion Explorer / Van Graff Thug / Refugee / Cato Hostilius / New Vegas Citizen / Roulette Dealer / The Brave New World project has finally released its first version adding new professional voice acting to over a hundred NPCs in Fallout: New Vegas. (voice), Ignacio Rivas / NCR Ranger / Private Ortega / Oscar Velasco / (voice), Mags / Caravaneer / The Forecaster / Andy Scabb / Ranger Ghost / Carter / (voice), Sorrows males - Honest Hearts DLC (voice) (as Alex Mendoza), Dazzle / Keene Aurelius of Phoenix / Wikis. Prototype Auto-Doc - Old World Blues DLC / Prime Legionary / Beggar / In French version, the voice actor of the suit is the same as Tali from Mass Effect. Nero / Jacklyn / NCR Prospector / Lars Taggart / Dusty McBride / Doctor Alvarez / Escaped Convict / (voice), Julie Farkas / Sweeite / Boulder City Worker / Strange Man / Born in 2210, Arthur Ribben served in the Enclave in 2241 as a captain officer on the Oil Rig. Michelle Kerr / Crimson Caravan Guard / Traveling Merchant / Gun Runner Guard / Private Reynolds / Viper Gunslinger / NCR Engineer / Injured Trooper / Sink Central Intelligence Unit - Old World Blues DLC / (voice), Malcolm Holmes / Traveling Merchant / Refugee Tabitha is a former commander of the nightkin of the Unity. Dr. Howard - Lonesome Road DLC / Hannigan / Handy / Caravaneer / Ranger Erickson / (voice), White Legs males - Honest Hearts DLC Old Ben / Powder Ganger / Lupe / (voice), Player's Brain - Old World Blues DLC / Legionary Blacksmith / Sergeant Kilborn / Great Khan / Veteran Legionary Refugee editor. Boomer Guard / Norton / (voice), Fantastic / Vikki and Vance Dealer / The Kid - Lonesome Road DLC / Traveler Fallout: New Vegas Mod Reworks NPC Voices. Dawes / Viper Leader / Rotson / Frank Weathers / Arthur Ribben, or known under the alias as Allen Rogers, is a former Enclave captain living in Novac in 2281. Tom Anderson / Crimson Caravan Guard / Thug / Destitute Traveler / NCR Engineer / Gambler / Legion Explorer / Sammy Wins / NCR Engineer / Gomorrah Receptionist / Ranger Lineholm / Boxcars / Mr. Janitor / Ringo / Nevander. Then locate the file named: Fallout - Voices1.bsa 3.) Deputy Beagle / Ranger Milo / Cursor Lucullus /

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