how to draw and paint a butterfly

Posted on December 6th, 2020

Begin to draw your butterfly. Using a dark colored paint, like purple, brown, or black, load up your larger paint brush. Trace or draw the butterfly onto the canvas with a pencil. All the best Butterfly Drawing For Kids 38+ collected on this page. For water-colour painting, I chose swallowtail butterfly as reference. You can get a very thin line by dipping the brushinto the paint and then painting several lines on a scrap piece of paper. Many, many artists use visual references. . See how in certain spots the pointillism is visible and adds some interest? Step 8: Draw the final details to the head and add the antennae. Make a pretty Mother's Day Card, cut it out and bend the wings to make it 3-D or decoupage it onto a wooden box. As you do this, you can explain to your little one more about these, like the difference between straight lines and curved lines . You will paint pure titanium white spirals and little clusters of three dots in the background. Add the antennae and a second wing. Once I painted all the color segments that yellow-orange color, I now get my red-orange color and go over the areas that are darker (by using my visual reference photo as a guide). Start with a light line and add paint as you feel necessary. Those colors pop so cheerfully together. Use this as a rough guide for the thought process and some tips and tricks to get you going then feel free to go crazy and make it your own! What you can do  is print your picture and use your window as a light box! I decided to make them more of a lavender than pink shade. Butterfly Garden drawing - step 7. Draw this directly on your canvas or draw on paper first and transfer to your canvas. Let’s draw the simple butterfly Next, we improve our simple butterfly drawing by adding an intricate pattern to the wings, inspired by real butterfly wing … Today we'll be drawing a butterfly in a position when you can see all four wings. Use a 3/4″ flat and the colors cobalt turquoise hue and titanium white. 5 easy ways to draw and paint a rose Method 1 Easy table roses. Well let's break this down in small easy steps. Position the butterfly so it appears to be resting on the flower or plant. Beside the tallest blade of grass, draw a tiny circle - the butterfly's head. (Totally optional!) If you’re using the traceable, lay a sheet of graphite transfer paper under the butterfly. At this point you may want to sit down with your sketch and fine tune the details a little bit. Try to make the colors blend from dark to light with the lightest tints just around the butterfly. Erase as necessary. Use the provided traceable and a sheet of graphite paper to transfer the butterfly to the canvas. Tip: if you still have a lot of white on your brush, completely rinse it and then load again. How To Draw A Cartoon Butterfly + SYA! They also do not get dull and need to be sharpened. Next, get your nice sharp pencil (I like the .05 mechanical pencils) and trace. Step 1: Draw a Monarch Butterfly; Step 2: Apply Oil Pastels to Butterfly; The teaching process used is a kid-tested, step-by-step method that will both inspire and delight your child into drawing and painting action! Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates. Get the How to Draw a Butterfly step by step Printable PDF Template Here All there is left to do is to color your butterfly drawing. Learn how your comment data is processed. Draw a horizontal line across the point. Finally, connect the butterfly to the grass using short, curved lines - the butterfly… When putting in the outlines and little details, use a small, thin brush. See a tutorial for how to draw this here. Each half should be roughly as long as the whole body (antennae excluded). Start of suggested clip. Learn how to draw a butterfly - a simple way to draw semi-realistic cute butterfly, including drawing an intricate wing pattern. Create your own butterfly painting with acrylics on a stretched canvas! Step 2. ... How to Draw a Painted Lady. Butterflies go through a process called metamorphosis. Start off by painting just cobalt turquoise hue on the edges of the canvas. Draw a wavy line down and slightly to the right. After you paint the base layer, before the paint is dry, draw the petal outline inside with a pencil. Draw the Third Segment and First Wing Finish the butterfly’s body by drawing a rounded triangle that … These Apple Barrels are great for DIY paint parties! I think, for me, what is so interesting in this process is that even things that appear simple take on a complexity when you are drawing them. 3. Make a blue butterfly! Draw the outline of the rose on the fabric. The idea is to draw the butterfly with your little one, so he or she can practice their drawing skills with your help: Start by replicating the lines and shapes found in the butterfly in the video. In this quick tutorial you’ll learn how to draw a butterfly in just a few quick steps, but first… Every butterfly species is unique. Step two: Choose which paper you would like to draw on. First, create the head and middle section (the top half of the butterfly’s body), by slowly drawing a figure of eight over and over until you’re happy with the shape you’ve created. Dab the butterfly wings across nose and cheeks using Metallic Silver paint and the sponge such that the Metallic Silver paint should blend exquisitely with Lilac paint. Hello and welcome to my little corner of the world. A blog about art, inspiration, and the simple pleasures of an ordinary life. I just LOVE the combo of the teal and orange in this butterfly painting! To achieve this look, draw the left wings about half the width of the right wings. Beginners can learn how to paint a bright, cheerful monarch butterfly with a stunning teal background. We will learn how to draw a simple, but fairly realistic butterfly with common and easy to draw round wings. For that we need to draw the outline first. Trace or draw the butterfly onto the canvas with a pencil. Step three: Grab a nice sharp pencil and start sketching the shape of the butterfly. Supplies: Here's what you'll need to draw and paint your butterfly The printed worksheets that you can find in the class resource section tape, a pencil, an eraser and a marker or a pen. For this example, I chose a 98lb mixed media paper. Intro Learn to Draw and Paint a Butterfly: Hi, I'm Bonnie. This butterfly was super fun! Once I have gone over all the pencil with my marker, I gently erase the pencil marks. Here I just outlined the color segments. Now we have three segments to the body, which we can use to help us guide where we draw the butterfly’s wings. Note that these are not an exact match to the original painting but will allow you to still create a beautiful render. When taking a close look at the details, I notice the color variation. Wait for the black outlines to dry completely and then use the back of a paint brush handle and titanium white to paint little white dots all along the border of the butterfly. Start off by drawing a long oval shape. If you a beginner in this drawing field. You already know that a butterfly design will take your appearance to the next level, but a paintbrush and face paint won't save you if you make a mistake! The Cynthia group of colourful butterflies which is commonly called painted ladies, comprises a subgenus of the genus Vanessa in the Nymphalidae Family. Draw two large, overlapping circles that also overlap the small oval. Paint the butterfly wings. O.K, now the really fun part...adding color! Step 2. Finish the butterfly’s body by drawing a rounded triangle that starts from the bottom of the figure of eight. Paint the antennae and the black designs on the wings that resemble that of a monarch. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This is also wonderful for when you have done a sketch and it is covered in eraser marks that won't come up. You want to leave the butterfly as blank as possible. In this quick tutorial you’ll learn how to draw a butterfly in just a few quick steps, but first… Every butterfly species is unique. You can just retrace your sketch minus all the eraser marks, so don't be afraid to try your hand at sketching. 0% ( votes) Step 1. You can also change the colors for your butterfly painting to resemble other kinds of butterflies. Step 5: Add your Paint. Then with the same brush and the black, outline the far edges of the wings. With spring upon us, the butterflies are out and I, for one, can’t wait to use them as subjects for my art! Now Pick a similar point on the … View As : Standard Printable Step by Step. Check out my full gallery here! This background is a progressive gradient of pure cobalt turquoise hue on the edges that blend with white and eventually a light turquoise color in the middle around the butterfly (so dark to light). Another one is when we can see mostly only two wings like in this one and this one, and only a little bit of other two wings. Whether you create a simple butterfly drawing or a detailed oil painting, now you’re ready to flap your wings and take flight. This tutorial includes a free printable that you are welcome to use and trace onto the canvas. Another fun style to try and copy. Lighten your colors by mixing in a lot of white. You will need to blend this carefully with the yellow because that orange is so strong. Nothing specific! Paint over the rest of the swipe outside of the butterfly wings with your base coat paint. Beneath the circle, draw two elongated, rounded shapes - the butterfly's thorax and abdomen. Try to proceed step by step in drawing a particular sketch. The window behaves like a light box so that you can trace your object! Step 2. HOW TO PAINT A BUTTERFLY: And finally, I will walk you through some easy painting warm-up exercises to get you started. Draw two longer lines about 30 degrees over the previous line. The Painted Lady is one of the type of butterflies and is a long-distance migrant. The rest is simple outline. You may need to free draw in parts of the wings that are cut off (real simple). This paintbrush is a round size 4 watercolor brush. I am using a 11″ x 14″ canvas in horizontal/landscape mode. Drawing a realistic butterfly: There are two most common ways to draw a butterfly. I often start with the lightest light and then get darker as I go adding black last. The art and tutorials on www.stepbysteppainting.net are intended for personal noncommercial use. After the paint is dry start making outlines with white color and then dark color shading for the base of the … I love the detailed perspective and newfound intimacy with an object you are slowly b Time Lapse Drawing. You can always break the rules:) What rules???? You can use the butterfly for your reference or you can find one you love (you can search the internet or even your favorite magazine for a nice image). I decide to paint around the white spots on the wing. Next I place my blank piece of paper over the photo. I love the detailed perspective and newfound intimacy with an object you are slowly bringing to life on paper. Today we'll be drawing a butterfly in a position when you can see all four wings. In addition, you can depict some kind of intricate pattern on the wings. If you'd like to learn more, please follow me here on … You do not need to pain the entire nose for this effect. Step 4: Ink in the sketch. To draw an image showing butterfly flying. Paint a Swallowtail Butterfly Stepping Stone, a simple project to add some color to your cottage garden path. That is the great thing with art. Here’s a 1:20 second video on how to draw a butterfly in 10 steps. I like to use a nice fine micron marker to ink over the sketch. Keep up the good work! This process involves organizing shapes and lines together until a … I think drawing from life adds dimension to your drawing that can sometimes be more difficult to capture from a flat picture but very often you do not have access to certain subject matter (like animals, for instance) and have to use photo references. Directions: Trace onto the blank white canvas prior to painting. Now I colored the flowers under the butterfly. Load your #12 flat in both titanium white and cadmium yellow deep. I have a passion for teaching anyone how to bring out their inner artist! Do you bet to go around the edges of the butterfly drawing. This forms the butterfly's abdomen. Similar to snowflakes, no two butterflies have the same pattern on their wings. When you paint these stroke, use “cross-hatching” strokes that almost look like a woven basket. The second reason is that this paper is thinner than standard watercolor paper (which is usually about 140lbs). If you’re using the traceable, lay a sheet of graphite transfer paper under the butterfly. The circle doesn’t have to be perfect. You may want to designate a special brush for this process, as it tends to be rough on a brush and you do not want your good brushes getting ruined. HOW TO DRAW AND PAINT A BUTTERFLY: STEP BY STEP, GEORGE "I WILL NOT TELL A LIE" WASHINGTON. The butterfly colored with paints look brighter and more spectacular. I have to be honest though, sometimes I just go where the wind blows and paint by intuition rather than light to dark. Basically continue to paint outwards towards the edges of the wings blending that orange with the yellow. You will really only see hints of this since it will be covered with black paint but I think it offers some interest, especially on the spots where the paint is a little lighter. Step 2. The last two steps in … Artist: CutieFrutie / July 5, 2012 . I was nervous about the shading but after painting all the lines it looked great! Next load your brush in cadmium orange medium. Tracy , Your tutorials have helped me so much during this virus to stay sane as I both work in mental health and struggle with my own mental health issues . My name is Tracie Kiernan, artist and creator of Step By Step Painting with Tracie Kiernan. Learn how to draw and paint a butterfly using a visual reference as a guide. Next, let’s draw a body shape. WATERCOLOUR PAINTING. Thanks for stopping by! HOW TO TRANSFER AN IMAGE: Once you’ve learned how to draw your butterfly, I’m going to walk you through an easy way to transfer your butterfly onto your canvas or painting surface. Position the butterfly so that it is going slightly diagonal. all for you to learn how to draw and paint. Draw two large, overlapping circles that also overlap the small oval. It is drawn in pencil, then colored in crayons or paints. I continue to carefully add the black. How to draw a butterfly step-by-step with pencil. Trace the shape of the wings onto the canvas. When you paint, use short vertical and horizontal strokes. You CAN learn how to paint and create beautiful art too using my step by step painting techniques! Butterfly in Cartoon Style drawing - step 2. Here I use washi tape to affix the picture. I'm an artist and illustrator and I love to paint butterflies. Draw a horizontal line across the point. Artist: CutieFrutie / July 5, 2012 . You just need follow steps. Step By Step Directions: Trace or draw the butterfly on the canvas. Make a drawing on the fabric as below. – YouTube. Draw down to create a tip and then back up to the second segment. Feb 3, 2017 - How To Draw A Butterfly | Simple And Easy Steps | Drawn by using colored pencils and White Water color and Marker. Draw a tall, narrow oval near the middle of your page for the butterfly’s body. Make a few in different colors. So paint the insect in some interesting bright color, for example, we chose the orange color. There is an yellow-y orange and a red-orange. I painted over some of the edges of the butterfly but I did not completely paint over it. A quick butterfly anatomy diagram with some interesting facts. 7. These form the butterfly's eyes. And with digital oil paint and watercolor brushes that blend and mix like the real thing, you can achieve natural effects without the mess and expense of physical paints. You can see a step by step drawing tutorial for how to draw a butterfly. Beside the tallest blade of grass, draw a tiny circle - the butterfly's head. I look forward to painting with you more in the future ! This will be the body of your butterfly. 2. Thank you for providing a printable. I go back in with my brush and gently remove some of the color to lighten the area where there are highlights. Flowers Drawings Inspiration : how to draw a butterfly on a flower, butterfly and flower step 6 To Paint a Swallowtail Butterfly stepping stone is just as easy. Paint the inside of the circles with a light color of the shade you want. I think, for me, what is so interesting in this process is that even things that appear simple take on a complexity when you are drawing them. Featured Step By Step Painting Video 2. Use a 10/0 liner to paint those lines. Begin by using a thinner, smaller brush to do an outline with. Paint the body by placing the brush at the top of the nose, then paint downwards to end at the tip. Media; When you paint, use short vertical and horizontal strokes. On each side of the body, draw a capital letter "B." Things can look a lot different from farther away than really close up. Step 3. Congratulations! Outline the basic shapes of the butterfly with a pencil. Leave the background undefined so it will not take attention away from the butterfly. Jul 8, 2019 - Learn to paint a monarch butterfly step by step with this simple art class taught by Bonnie Lecat. Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw a Monarch Butterfly Monarch Butterfly is also known as monarch and its scientific name is Danaus plexippus. To learn more about me and my process, see the "about" page. 1 second ago how to draw a realistic butterfly 5 months ago Best Chinese Reality Show in 2020: Sisters Who Make Waves 6 months ago Japanese actress sleep and bath together with father causes controversy 7 months ago Best Xiaomi Watches of 2020 7 months ago The Best Xiaomi Phones of 2020 . 1. For use in a Paint Party Business, please visit my Small Business page for more information or contact me here. Feb 4, 2020 - How to draw a butterfly step by step tutorial with free printable guide. I think, for me, what is so interesting in this process is that even things that appear simple take on a complexity when you are drawing them. Draw decorative swirls around the entire butterfly design using black paint. This helps the black paint to flow better. Print our draw a butterfly template with all the steps and room for your drawing. If you want to do this with the Apple Barrel Craft paints, below is a suggested list of what to substitute with. Keep adding white the closer you get to the center to draw the eye in. Get your paints ready and then begin your how to paint a butterfly adventure. Then it will become easy for you to draw a sketch of butterfly. Texture Paint on Canvas. On the left side, make the letter a reverse image. If you plan on using watercolor, you just want to make sure to use a marker that is permanent. We'll show you how to draw the butterfly similar to the one in the above picture.

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