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Posted on December 6th, 2020

My garden was loaded with eggs and caterpillars this year and I couldn’t begin to bring them all inside so I was glad to see that a few do make it on their own. they began to be a problem to me last year. Hi Pam, I am glad to hear you find the info on the site helpful…I try my best! I live in Austin Tx, have a severe problem with aphids also, but keep them under control by squishing and rinsing, but it is impossible to squish what you can’t see (the mites). Thanks! Monarch Butterfly Garden- Bring Home the Butterflies, Butterfly Garden Ideas and Gardening Tips to Attract Monarchs, Swallowtails, Hummingbirds, and other Precious Pollinators, One of the great mysteries of the butterfly garden is “Where in the heck do those clown-striped caterpillars crawl off to to form their monarch chrysalis?”. Hi Kathy, cutting back plants encourages bushier growth with more foliage, but you don’t have to do it. I was raising Monarchs in my house at the time in an aquarium. Our plan is to move the caterpillars, as they get larger, to milkweed plants and cover with netting to keep them safe. Here are a few solutions to consider: I am in Albuquerque, NM and found a chrysalis at work today. My entire family is so invested… thanks. Pheromone spot – found on male monarch that secretes a chemical to attract the female monarch. After around 10 to 14 days, its green color fades, and the chrysalis … monarch chrysalis. This is the first year I have had milkweed in my Garden and I had a huge crop of caterpillars. Have a good season in Ontario. Evoking nature as a source of beauty, inspiration and meaning, the Butterfly Mask was born. -Jaremy. I felt bad if this happened but I had nothing to put them in. Raising healthy monarch butterflies relies on using simple raising techniques that promote monarch health and will prevent monarch diseases from occurring in the first place. The caterpillar has since transformed into a Chrysalis - once it becomes a butterfly, I'm afraid it will happen when we are not home and it will be trapped in the cage - any suggestions?Karen says:Once the butterfly emerges, it takes a while for it to pump fluid into its shriveled wings and then for the wings to dry (a few hours). Is there something else we should put in there to provide more hanging space than the flower pot? Take care! I also, this evening, found a cat crawling on our kale. Also note that a monarch chrysalis will turn from green to dark grey to black, and finally become totally transparent (revealing the black and orange wings inside) before a monarch butterfly emerges. I live in Oceanside , ca. Ways to provide milkweed for monarch caterpillars: potted plants or cuttings But, you might want to consider making or purchasing a butterfly cage so you can observe things a little easier and the butterfly has a little more room. This is the first year I’ve seen caterpillars on them! Hi Lynda, if it’s a monarch chrysalis, you can tie dental floss around the cremaster (black part above chrysalis) and then hang or tape it up somewhere….for instance you could tape the floss under a cupboard and let the chrysalis hang. After 7-14 days, a monarch butterfly emerges. Or am I better off simply doing a release and hope for the mating to happen in the garden.? I have them in a spot where I have seen monarchs flying around and I’ve watched them land and deposit eggs. The monarchs’ saving grace is that the females lay over 400 eggs and that many butterfly enthusiasts collect eggs/caterpillars to raise indoors, where a good raising system can boost their survival rate upwards of 90%! About 12-24 hours after the caterpillar goes into the "J" position, you will notice subtle changes taking place. Hi Brad, there’s info in the post about rehanging a chrysalis: Chrysalis problems and Normal Development. One was on the hose of the sprayer used to kill the dreaded lantern flies, one was on my bricks, one on the lattice of my gazebo, one under the bricks at a basement window and one in a shrub. The chrysalis are still green. On maturation, the color changes, and it gradually becomes brown, orange and yellow, as the adult butterfly is about to evolve. We do have bunnies, squirrels, and lizards around the school too. On the Hawaiian island of Oahu about one out of ten monarch butterflies is mostly white, with black veins and patches where other monarchs have them, but white where other monarchs have orange markings. I had about forty fat wigglers. This idea was given by several people in the community who have found chrysalises close to home. Why not have twigs and the plant available and they can choose... or maybe they will chose the ceiling of the container. Thank you. Do the caterpillars look similar to either of these? Maybe it has to do with what size the caterpillar is when it pupates (because this varies quite a bit) or maybe female and males tend to be different in size. Do the caterpillars ever pupate right on the milkweed plants or do I need to get them to an enclosed container with a twig as soon as they reach a certain size?Karen says:Yes, I have had many monarch caterpillars pupate on the milkweed plant. It’s like hit and miss lately. . . We had an escapee last week and were resigned to waiting for a butterfly to try to capture, until I noticed a discarded caterpillar skin under one of our kitchen chairs. The caterpillar has since transformed into a Chrysalis - once it becomes a butterfly, I'm afraid it will happen when we are not home and it will be trapped in the cage - any suggestions? I don’t really know what I’m doing but at least I can be prepared now. It sounds like the predators have not found her garden yet…I hope it stays hidden! I did bring one chrysalis in last October that I found my chance and was able to keep it until it eclosed in a make-shift cage. Put the seedlings in mesh containers to keep the catepillars from wandering off? Hi Everyone. If you have mesh over the plants it can protect them against big pests like rabbits (that will eat milkweed), and reduce risk from flying predators like wasps/flies, but there’s still ants, spiders, etc. Monarch Butterfly Danaus plexippus Experience the wonder of metamorphosis! If I could post my picture I would share it. Have a great summer. Kevin. Keep in mind, leave caterpillars to hang on milkweed can be dangerous if there are other munching monarchs in the vicinity! My first attempt at propogating monarchs! I can’t really hunt for them but I will be keeping an eye out for new butterflies. Gayle. Natural (good) reasons for size variation: 1. The coloration of the orange wings, marked by black veins and a black border with two rows of spots, warns predators of the insect’s bad taste. Hi again, they will pupate on the netting or under a leaf. It seems now they have slowed down a bit, I am upset of late however, as i have plants in my garden and i also have no choice but to buy extra plants for food from the “Box Stores”. Hi Gail, it should fly toward a window once it emerges and dries its wings. Hi Maria, sounds like either black swallowtails or giant swallowtails…in many regions, these late generations will overwinter inside their chrysalides. Hey Tony, Thanks for all the advice for us novices. (The other day I counted 15 on one plant!) It has been seen as early as 1896. congrats on raising your first monarchs and good luck…. We have about a dozen healthy caterpillars in varying sizes. But this isn’t a raising post…it’s about how you can boost the survival rate of the outdoor caterpillars in your garden that are truly struggling to survive…, This is a collection of ideas I received from the monarch enthusiasts who receive my free butterfly garden tips newsletter. They go through five stages of growth, called instars, marked by molts. Nancy and Mike Cincinnati OH. I ran out of daylight last night as I tried to prepare some small Common Milkweed plants for them first before I went out to get them. With the help of the info I found here I was able to successfully move the chrysalis indoors (keeping it attached to the original branch where it was formed) but now I have no idea what to do next- should I keep the makeshift cage in a specific location within my home? How do I know if it is dead? That’s why having several plant options/species is always a good idea. I’m worried they won’t make it. I was so excited this year to have Monarch caterpillars on my tropical Milkweed. We’ve never had Monarchs lay eggs on our Butterfly weed? I came to this site looking for the reason these second generation guys wanna jump ship from the pot they’re in.. Hi Colleen, they will leave plants to molt (shed their skin), if the milkweed is drying out, or if they’re overcrowded. Not only do you see the wings showing through the cuticle, the color of the wings (and eventually body) are symmetrical. Hi Jaremy, best-case scenario is that your caterpillars crawled off to form their chrysalides…the worst-case is that they were found by the surprisingly long list of monarch predators. Fortunately the can was small enough to fit (just) inside a baby cube and it rested there safely until she eclosed about 9 days later. Hope at least one is a female. Thanks again for your prompt reply! Thank you Tony for your advice. We would rather they not crawl away as we won’t know if they survived. Thanks for all you do to help monarch butterflies! the next day I cut all plants down to just one leaf at the very bottom, in hopes that the butterflys won’t lay eggs that low. Talk about unusual places to find a Monarch chrysalis. Years ago, I had a home daycare and as a craft, we made Monarch caterpillars out of egg cartons. I’ve seen them grab hold of the stucco and walk up the side of the house so they have more room to fully open. The Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis All butterflies undergo an extreme makeover in the pupal stage. I’m worried it’s not going to find an appropriate spot to form a Chrysalis. I was able to purchase 5 healthy tropical milkweed from local nurseries and have about 6 catepillars and 1 crysalis right now. Eggs were laid on milkweeds, and caterpillars emerged, but I was not prepared to take care of them due to travel for work. The pupa, or chrysalis stage of metamorphosis is the one which will define the future of this insect more than any other. My question is, will they form their chrysalis on the milkweed plant if that is their only option? Hundreds of plants. But, I have not seen an egg in about a month. Caterpillars will climb up, attach and morph into a chrysalis on the screen. Hi Jacque, if you found a monarch crawling on kale, it was either molting or looking for a place to form a chrysalis…monarchs only feed on milkweed plants. I read someplace that it is possible a wasp can emerge instead of a butterfly.Karen says:I have noticed a difference in size of chrysalis before also....but, I am not sure why this happens. Found my first caterpillar this week. In the east from my experience, the monarchs prefer Swamp Milkweed, asclepias incarnata, over Common Milkweed or Butterfly Weed. congrats Fabiola and good luck with your late season garden monarchs! We get a lot of early activity on both common and swamp, but they are growing in different micro-climates of the garden. 7. near where it had been hanging on the edge of a table. Does anyone have a good suggestion for controlling these insects without harming the monarch life cycle? My monarch butterfly chrysalis is one week old. Make sure to discourage from an exposed area to the sun as well, they will be cooked. Bad infestation. For the past couple days, I have not been able to find them again. However, the Monarch begins its life as a tiny fertilized egg carefully placed by its mother on the underside of a Milkweed leaf. Although the cardenolides in milkweed are toxic, they’re not toxic enough to stop a growing list of predators from devouring monarchs in all stages of life…in particular, monarch eggs and caterpillars! Put a soft towel underneath in case it falls. Thanks, Brad. Does it look healthy? The common gets hot afternoon sun and there seems to be more predators buzzing around it. Some of the butterfly species that overwinter as a chrysalis (pupa) include but are not limited to the Swallowtails as well Checkered White, Mustard White, Orange Sulphur, Clouded Sulphur, Elfins, and some Skippers. Beautiful greens…..then one day they turned black and I was so sad but it turns out that’s what happens before they come out!!! lolI have been raising Monarchs for 6 years and I see this every year. Stick short, forked branches in soil around plants, 43. If you are going to raise indoors, I recommend bringing in eggs or tiny caterpillars to reduce the risk of disease and parasites. I have never seen an egg on my plants. Hi – hope someone can answer this quickly. All you can do is keep searching any potential place it could hang from…and that’s most anything. Whenever looking for chrysalises, remember to look up too! Option 2 If you have a mesh cage, you can just lay the chrysalis on the floor by a mesh wall and the butterfly can climb up the mesh when it emerges. I had a sinking feeling that they could have been eaten by something and that I could have done something by bringing them away to raise them. Thanks for all the tips! It’s October! Hi Cheryl, that’s amazing to have so many survive outdoors. Wooden Paint Sticks or Popsicle Sticks, Stuck in the ground at an angle or place on top of containers. The funny thing is that our kale is all eaten full of holes…and the cats as well as the eggs seem to be thriving in between the kale and the arugula on stray milkweed plants. I have a neighbor in NE Alabama who has 37 chrysalides hanging from every imaginable surface – about a third on bushes – in her yard right now! The boat was anchored in the water so he had to climb the rope and crawl under the cover in order to get in. Hi Sally, it’s common for monarchs to lay eggs on young seedlings instead of mature plants. A white Monarch, named nivosus by Lepidopterists, is grayish white in all areas of the wings that are normally orange (Vane-Wright 1993). Hey Tony: I’m here in Mo. I could also attach a branch to the plant within the netting. We just uncovered our pontoon two days ago and found a chrysalis hanging from the bottom of the steering wheel. Many in the community reported finding hidden monarch treasure under the eaves of their houses. Filmed by Neil Bromhall. I live in Bermuda, and I believe we only have the tropical milkweed – the one with red flowers. The chrysalis looks like a monarch. You will know when it is going to emerge, because the day before it emerges the monarch butterfly chrysalis turns black and you can see the monarch inside. Hopefully everything will work! Hi Ben, if you don’t have a cage, I would put it in a jar with milkweed (in case it’s not ready to pupate) and put tulle fabric or pantyhose over the top and secure with a rubber band. Any help/advice will be greatly appreciated…thanks! One community member reported seeing dozens of Monarch chrysalides hanging like little Christmas ornaments from between the fence wire spaces. I just released 20 Monarchs yesterday, 5 more emerged today, I have 19 eggs and 40 baby cats. Here’s a link to recommended stores and there’s also more plants listed below them: http://monarchbutterflygarden.net/milkweed-plant-seed-resources/#MWST. I asked them to share where they find  monarch chrysalises in their yards and also what props they place in and around their gardens to give caterpillars more options to hang their weary hinds…, Monarch caterpillars often use the protective lip of the planter to transform to the next stage of metamorphosis. I’ve seen them on the chain link fence and post, walls…also, on the underside of bromeliads. I was so scared when I saw them running away from the milkweed patch I would pick them up and put them back there. It seems lately they all must be using pesticides in their supposedly”organic” soil, as i keep losing my beautiful caterpillars or they go to chrysalis and then aren’t the best health butterfly. I’m not sure about the sweeping generalizations of what they will oviposit on. 42. Fall is upon us and it’s time to harvest your milkweed seeds. This time I did not do that and the caterpillars look like they are running out of food – the plants are nearly stripped; (2) shall I move the caterpillars to fuller plants so they don’t starve, or leave them be? The Butterfly is a powerful symbol of endurance, change, hope and life. I have about 8 more chrysalises waiting to pop. Everything I read says 10-14 days. It is grayish white in all areas of the wings that are normally orange. As for spider mites, you can use insecticidal soap but rinsing off your plants with water on a regular basis also works since they prefer dry conditions. Monarch chrysalis formation - YouTube Slow motion video of a Monarch caterpillar pupating to form its chrysalis. Congrats on your chrysalides…. The white monarch has been called nivosus by lepidopterists and is an extremely rare phenomenon outside of Hawaii. A few weeks later I transferred some cats to these plants in my raising cage, and they all died!!! You may purchase your host plant from Shady Oak Butterfly Farm or from a local plant nursery. The only chrysalis I ever recall seeing outdoors as a child was attached at the base of a large tree. So Insecticidal soap is off the table. I was lucky enough this year to find 5 healthy chrysalises outside. I have never raised a Monarch caterpillar. It really does “take a village.”. Congrats Colleen. It is a lot of fun. The monarch’s wingspan averages 90 to 100 mm (about 4 inches). I have potted milkweed plants on my patio outside and I have eggs on the plant. Hi Tony! Visible are emerging wings, two eyes (at bottom) and tracheal tubes that supply oxygen to developing organs. I have about 30, of 4 different species. 10 days ago a Cabbage White Butterfly caterpillar (Pieris rapae) made it's chrysalis and attached itself to a support stick in one of my plant pots. I don’t understand… Thanks. It was named nivosus by lepidopterists (a lepidopterist is a person who studies butterflies and moths). Your book and tips are very helpful! I am feeding a lot of cats and they are stripping the leaves of the enclosure plant quickly. My plants are in a terracotta planter, with lots of other planters, and other small bushes around, plus bamboo, rock walls, etc 2 have discovered my small stash of baby MW seedlings and have started eating them… Many thanks. I have 12 – 20 cats (number varies depending on where they have wandered off to through the day). good luck! Simply click here to return to Butterfly Questions. Similarly, our very first monarch “Tilly” spent a full month in chrysalis before emerging as a butterfly, while the average summer monarch will emerge from its chrysalis in only 10-14 days. What do the eggs look like ? The Monarch butterfly is easily recognizable due to its characteristic orange wings with black veins and black outer margins with white spots. We are starting to try varieties in different locations to see what their preferences are. The risk is that another caterpillar chews through the leaf and knocks it down. I wish I had found this wealth of information a bit earlier. Well done Tony!!! This idea was quite handy and I used it a lot from then on. What to do? Hi Kathy, here’s a couple posts with the info you are looking for: I have about 15 butterfly weeds that are now food for the Monarch caterpillars. other ones that I have had this year turn into a monarch within 1 day.

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