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Posted on December 6th, 2020

Injuries to yourself acquired from a pet in your care, under a pet sitting contract, may be entirely your responsibility. But please be warned, the latest twist we've heard as of 10/9/2007 from a well known US general insurance provider is that the CCC coverage of some local agents ONLY covers pets brought to a business property as the 'primary place of business' (ie. (Please read below to see if you qualify. Foster coverage is not included on the Base silver plan, but is on the Gold. Most sitters will add this option.+single payment of $100, Silver (Base) Plan is If you do not, apply for the Standard policy above.) For example, if the roof caves in on your head, you could probably sue for your injuries. Our specifically designed pet sitting insurance policy has been developed for your pet business and can be tailored to suit your own individual needs. Insurance comparison site misses the mark—and misinforms pet sitters. Specifically, being bonded as a pet sitter provides your clients compensation in the event of theft or property damage. Professional United Pet Sitters LLC does NOT offer nor endorse ANY Pet Sitter insurance, business insurance, health insurance, or bonding. Loss to personal property other than pets is $25,000 (if purchased). Pet sitter insurance is a must-have for professional pet sitters. Visit the websites of your final candidates to see if there have been any changes in coverage or price. As a side note, if a client pet (or any wild animal for that matter) bites you and you report it to a doctor, by law most if not all have to report it to the state. We've tried to list only insurers that include Care, Custody, and Control (or 'Animal Bailee') of pets, including in their OWN homes, in base coverage. The following companies are known to provide quality pet sitting insurance to individual pet sitters as well as professional pet sitting businesses. Jul 22, 2018 - Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Liability Insurance USA Comparison Chart PUPS highly recommends you become and remained insured with a quality Pet Sitter Insurance provider throughout your pet sitting or dog walking career. Please contact the companies directly for more current information. Click here to return to the PUPS Pet Sitter Insurance Comparison summary page. For example, if a broken sink starts to leak and you haven't touched it, you are not responsible. Large farm services is not be included in this coverage, but separate policy can be provided. Some may offer CCC as an expensive extra endorsement. There are some limitations to the number of pets allowed. $30,000 annually and $15,000 per occurrence CCC/Animal Bailee - pets lost, stolen, injured, or killed in your care. Pet insurance can help give you a little peace of mind that if the worst does happen, you’ll be able to afford the care your pet needs to get back on its feet (or paws). If you are hurt in a client's home, this would be something that would usually be covered by Worker's Compensation. Professional United Pet Sitters LLC, PetSits.Com, Happy At Home Pet Sitters, and the owners are not liable for errors in or related to information presented here. It may be right, or it may be inaccurate, or the insurance may be changing while we speak. This could be something as simple as a misplaced key to a client’s house, to an injury to an animal in your care or a member of the public. Sample reimbursements are calculated as if they occurred to the same dog during one year/policy term, and are based on 1) actual claims received by Nationwide in 2019 and 2) the latest policy terms and conditions available on the pet insurance providers' websites as of December 27, 2019. Compare pet insurance quotes – this is one of the quickest ways to save money on your pet insurance. Optional 'Pet Training' coverage available for training outside of pet sitting work. Please note that the limit per occurrence is $5,000 - you will need to determine if this is enough to adequately cover your animals (such as horses, expensive breeds, etc). Business Insurers of the Carolinas has been a proud provider of insurance and bonding coverage specifically designed for pet sitters since 1992. $1,000 Per Occurence Each vet expense (no liability necessary). Our pet insurance comparison service allows you to compare quotes from a wide range of insurance providers and find the right cover that protects your pet best, all while getting a great price. No 2222-8), and American Southern Home Insurance Company. +$90 each, Coverage for pet owner's home and other personal property is included in optional "Special Property of Others". This is one of the top questions we receive here at PSI. The client's personal insurances may cover these situations. PSI has been providing access to General Liability and Bonding Insurance specifically designed for the professional pet sitter through Business Insurers of the Carolinas since 1992. a pet sitter's own home) and not in client homes. Pet Sitter Liability Protection Coverage. Optional:  IC's can also be included as insured. described in this chart, Includes coverage for employees and spouse. No pet sitter insurance is included with membership to PUPS. Insurance Policies Reduce Your Financial Exposure. As far as we know, no Pet Sitter insurance covers harm to yourself, people you bring along, personal pets you bring along or your personal / business belongings. Other states have different standards, so you could try to sue the owner and hope for the best. Compare pet insurance quotes from over 25 insurance brands to see if you can save up to 66% on your policy. Your Pet Sitter insurance will cover injuries to others (up to the limit), but not to your own person. There are two primary reasons that most pet sitters should obtain an insurance policy before starting a business. There are many specialist pet business insurance providers and most of the large comparison sites offer a good choice – remember to look for flexible cover as your business grows. Pet Sitter / Dog Walker / Pet Taxi / Pooper Scooper Individual Liability Policy ** (please read below to see if you qualify. Includes coverage for the business owner. Theft must be a criminal act. Since 1998, we've provided our members with the freedom to book their own clients with their preferred method of scheduling, and the ability to run their business how they want.

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