Guide to posting projects

How to add a project

Following is a step by step guide to help you add a project and use conversational language that communicates effectively with the community, so they can quickly and easily understand your project.

Project Title

Your title is the first thing users see and will determine whether they will keep reading about your project or move on to the next one. Make the project title clear, short, and descriptive. Convey what your project is doing in one phrase that answers the following questions:

  • What is your project about?
  • Why you undertook the project?
  • How you achieved it?
  • Your title should be about 8 words (40 characters, including spaces)
  • Do not use acronyms – they are hard to understand
  • Be concise and descriptive, not vague
  • Use common, simple words that people are searching for online

Examples of good titles – All of these titles are clear, concise and demonstrate a benefit

  • Guest bedroom restored
  • New Fireplace complete with log burner
  • Decking done right

Examples of bad titles

  • Extension
  • Roof fixed
  • New floor
  • Use words that are relevant to your project and would be helpful for people searching on Google and other search engines

Project Intro

Treat the project intro as a tweet. This will appear on top of your project page as well as in search results. Your intro needs to be catchy and give people a reason to read on.

  • Make sure your intro is 120 characters or less
  • Be concise and descriptive
  • Avoid the use of acronyms

Project descriptions:

Should be conversational in description and easy to understand. Try not to use technical terms that may put people off reading the project. Please don’t type with caps lock on, use upper and lower case characters as it’s easier to read. We want the story behind the project and how it was achieved. We allow up to 200 characters per step and you can add as many steps as you like:-

About the project
  • What is your project about?
  • Why you undertook the project?
  • How you achieved it?
  • What problems did you encounter and how you overcame them?
  • What was the total cost?


  • Make sure your description is 200 characters or less per step
  • Be concise and descriptive
  • Avoid the use of acronyms

Pictures and Photo Gallery

Your project photos are one of the most important components of your project page. Photos grab the attention of users and your notes help them understand your project. Each project must have at least one image in order to publish.

Main Feature Image Tips:
  • One feature image is required
  • Photos must be in .jpeg, .jpg, or .gif format (2MB max size)
  • The feature image should be horizontally orientated
  • Use photos that are vibrant and expressive