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  • Name: Welshboy
  • County: Wrexham

I love to create spaces that are functional and stylish for my family to enjoy. I get a great sense of achievement when you can stand back and say "I did that".

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Projects by Welshboy

Clean the beam

Cleaning up 200 year old oak beams is not easy, check out my solution

Step on it

Quick solution for access over a steep gradient to create a durable path

Lets Fence

If you are thought erecting a fence was best left to the experts, here//s a guide to how they get it just right.


Varnish can blow a hole in your wallet. This job cost approx £50, 1 day, 2 rooms, 3 coats

Let there be light

We had a small window in this room and here I double it//s width

Parquet Floor

My parquet floor was collapsing into the joists, rotted and needed drastic repair

Lets talk about joists

If you love to preserve what you inherit, here//s one for you...

Soaked Away

Hold your nose, the septic tank is on the blink, cost £650 all told and 1 nasty week.

Logs need a home too

Most timber stores cant hack it. My solution cost £350, one mate and a sunny day to build.